A plethora of talents is what Ramdin R. Constantine possesses. Aside from being a blossoming hip hop artist, “Rommel the Youngsta” is also a music producer, sound engineer and avid drum player, playing since he was 10 years old. In addition, he picked up the piano in 2010. The guitar is the latest instrument that he is mastering, having started learning over the past several months. He has been writing poetry as a release method and a way to express himself over the years. Rommel has recently made the natural transition from poetry to song lyrics and has performed at various talent, holiday, Black History Month shows, as well as Talent Showcases and African American Brain Bowls while still in high school.


Despite the fact that Rommel the Youngsta is just starting out in the music industry, he has an unusually strong command of his art and is constantly working on forming his musical identity. As the youngest member of the rap trio ‘Ice Squad’, Rommel brings a new school sound, flow and fierce energy that meshes with that of his group mates. He is adaptable and can flip his sound and style which keeps us engaged and interested in what he’ll bring to the mic next. Rommel has a cultural mix of a background and his Trinidadian, Puerto Rican and Chinese roots lend to this versatility, hence his original stage name, “Anomaly”. Childhood adversity lends to the real life experiences that Rommel the Youngsta incorporates into his lyrics. He has had an affinity for music since the age of 5. Rommel grew up as a fan of the music of an assortment of artists, and when he started penning his own songs, he adapted something from each of their styles, but with his own twist. Each poem or song he wrote contained a deep story with an uplifting message that he uses to encourage the readers or listeners.


Rommel’s walk in faith started while still in high school, and while it was a new experience for him and nothing that he was used to from his upbringing, this walk affected not only his social interactions, but his musical selections and the message that he wanted to relay. He became a fan of tunes from Lecrae, Gideonz Army and Gemstones, finding that the melodies were filled with hope and reassurance. Rommel tries to do the same with his music, focusing on building up the masses, and encouraging them through song. The Youngsta serves as an inspiration to young adults who need guidance in seeking a greater understanding of society and provides lyrical tips for walking a non-traditional path. Look for Rommel to hit audiences with a fast paced, highly energetic stream of stanzas on the upcoming Group and Solo releases; leaving them shouting “I Win” and “That's A Fact”. 


“We try to justify our life and define God by the odds we face, so let’s cut to the chase. It’s not about how fast you race, it’s about how much longer you can keep the pace.”

-Rommel the Youngsta 

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