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     I.C.E. Squad Entertainment, (formally I.C.E. Squad Records established in 2008), relaunched and rebranded in the fall of 2015. I.C.E. Squad Ent is a full service entertainment company determined to display that success can be possible while standing firm on three basic ideologies… Integrity, Character and Excellence, producing music that is clean and positive in nature. Without utilizing profanity, the glorification of violence, drug or alcohol abuse and references to promiscuity, the label pushes to establish itself with new and unique concepts while staying welcoming to artists and fans alike. With the latitude to discover and promote new talent in every area of the entertainment industry, the label understands humble beginnings while having sights set on global expansion.


The founding father of I.C.E. Squad Entertainment, Lamont “Popp” Nanton, having ties in the music industry for over 20 years, has decided to merge his spirituality and passion for the arts in the creation of the label. Nanton is a devoted Christian who has a deep love for all music in general. While his faith is the basis for all that he does and hopes to accomplish with I.C.E. Squad Entertainment, he clarifies that this is NOT a “Gospel” label, nor does the music produced have to be labeled as such to be a positive influence in the industry and society. “The substance of the music is what’s most important, not what you call it. Truly good music should be both inspiring and practical so everyone can relate. The public is so caught up on labels and categories of music, that they have created a subconscious system that deters many music lovers from being exposed to great songs with great messages that can potentially change lives.”


With a strong and devoted team who believe in the vision and the I.C.E. (Integrity, Character & Excellence) principles, I.C.E. Squad Entertainment is built upon a solid foundation and is poised to take the industry by storm. The goals and ideals truly represent the vibe at the record label and include our dedication to the artist and getting their music heard. We are enthusiastic about artist development, marketing and building a fan base while staying true to the values that set us apart from the pack. Welcoming aspiring entertainers who share in our philosophies, I.C.E. Squad Entertainment is constantly seeking musicians, rappers, balladeers, poets, dancers, comedians, Dj's and various performance artists… our quest is to be the future of Entertainment.


I.C.E. Squad Entertainment… it’s bigger than MUSIC, it’s a MOVEMENT!

#ChangeIsComing #Ice4Lyfe

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