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Taking it back to the origins of hip hop and making listeners feel music deep down in their cores is what the rap group ICESQUAD is all about. The name Icesquad comes from three core principles that the group represents in there music and there lives, INTEGRITY , CHARACTER & EXCELLENCE. With Hype cutting edge beats that you can't help but to bob your head and dance to, taking you on a lyrical hi energy journey… weaving you through day to day experiences, rounding the corners of Social Issues, The Music Industry and taking rest stops at motivational and thought provoking, relevant messages.


 These these artists out of Miami, FL have merged their personal styles of Hip Hop, Reggae & Deejaying to create a super group, and are determined to change the music industry from the inside out, based solely on a desire to revamp the perception of rap music in todays society. The group’s inaugural album Metamorphosis released by there independent record label Ice Squad Entertainment dropped in the summer of 2016 and has been gaining massive attention nationwide ever since. In 2019 They group completed the Road 2 Success National Tour with Destine Music Group / Universal Music Group. In 2020 they dropped a called mixtape Fire & Ice paying homage to many hip hop classics. ICESQUAD has  been through a few changes over the years but continues to keep the movement going, spreading their message of positivity and keeping Hip Hop culture alive. Their favorite catch phrases are "ICE 4 LYFE" & "CHANGE IS COMING" and they mean it! FIRE & I.C.E. MIXTAPE AVAILABLE NOW!

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